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Whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll need the right advice concerning the pending contract or lease of the premises. Our specialists will review the agreement before you sign it, ensuring you remain legally protected.

At RCB Law, we have over 30 years of experience in residential, commercial, and business law. We provide expert legal advice, services and conveyancing throughout the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas.

By working with RCB Law, you are choosing a firm that is conscious of the stress that legal troubles can put you and your family through. We recognise that each client has different needs and that your situation is unique to you. With this in mind, our goal is to provide our clients with completely tailored services while guiding them through these complicated situations.

Conveyancing Sunshine Coast
Conveyancing Sunshine Coast

How Can RCB Law Help Your Business on the Sunshine Coast?

It is imperative that you receive the correct guidance regarding the ongoing contract or space lease, whether you are purchasing or selling a business. Before you sign, we will analyse the contract to ensure you have access to all legal protections. We will also advise you on any additional specific conditions that should be paid attention to.

We will undertake all necessary searches to ensure the transaction is processes seamlessly after all parties have signed the contract. We will also make sure the lease for the building where the business is operating is still in effect as of the settlement date. Following the settlement, we will handle transferring the registered business name.

RCB Law aims to make buying or selling your business seamless and stress-free by making contracts and other legal complexities easy to understand.

Why Choose RCB Law as Your Business Law Advisor on the Sunshine Coast?

Your Regional Authority on Business Law: A professional understanding of Queensland property law is necessary to be fair, legal, and accurate in buying or selling businesses.

Use of Software: To assist our professionals in performing their duties efficiently, we use the most recent technology, including sophisticated legal software.

Accessibility: Our customers on the Sunshine Coast can reach us quickly because we are a local firm. Stop by our office if you require assistance with a document review, signatures, or other services.

Personalised Solutions: We are dedicated to economically offering timely and effective service. We collaborate with you to create a specifically tailored solution to your needs.

Conveyancing Sunshine Coast

If you’re looking to buy or sell a business on the Sunshine Coast, then contact the RCB Law team today for a consultation.

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